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University of Minnesota - Duluth Campus


Stormwater Detention


University of Minnesota


LHB Engineers & Architects


Nels Nelson Sons Inc.


April - May 2000

Many of us remember back to our college days and the parking nightmares that go along with living off campus. The University of Minnesota in Duluth is doing all they can to increase parking spaces for their students and faculty while minimizing the impact on local watersheds. Therefore, the Engineer at LHB recommended they incorporate an Underground Stormwater Detention System to store and control the increased run-off.

In order for the Engineer to calculate the release rate more accurately, Contech Construction Products Inc. recommended they use a more water-tight connection consisting of 12” wide flat neoprene gasket with 24” wide rod-n-lug bands. By incorporating this joint, the Engineer was able to greatly reduce and calculate the water loss from the pipe and decrease infiltration of fluctuating groundwater conditions.


Technical Description:

  • 72” diameter 5” x 1” Corrugated Steel Pipe
  • Aluminized Steel Type 2, 14 gage
  • System Dimensions: 100’ long x 24’ wide

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