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University of Dayton Stormwater Detention Vault

Dayton, Ohio

Stormwater Detention


University of Dayton


Woolpert, LLP


Miller-Valentine Construction


November 12, 2003

This single-cell, 108---ft.. long CON/SPAN® underground stormwater detention vault was designed to store 60,000 cubic --ft. of stormwater and was the first of its kind to be installed in Dayton, Ohio. The structure is part of the University of Dayton’s campus expansion on Founder’s Field that will include a new dormitory and recreation center.

The key advantage of the CON/SPAN vault is its ability to hold a great amount of stormwater in a confined area. Two high-capacity pumps will slowly feed the stormwater from the vault into the existing stormwater sewer system, to avoid overwhelming the system during a peak storm event. The University of Dayton chose to utilize an underground detention vault to preserve as much above ground space on campus as possible, thus maintaining flexibility for future development.

Technical Description:

  • Span: 42 -ft.
  • Rise: 11.5 -ft.
  • Length: 108 -ft.

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