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Toledo Zoo Pedestrian Tunnel

Toledo, Ohio

Railroad Underpass


Toledo Zoo




Rudolph Libbe Inc.


June 1997

A CON/SPAN® Bridge System was installed as a railroad overpass/pedestrian underpass to enable the zoo to expand beyond the Norfolk and Southern Railway, which cut through the middle of the zoo’s available land space. The contractor installed the eight-piece precast structure in two phases to maintain constant rail traffic.

The structure was designed for Cooper E-80 railroad loading to carry as many as four simultaneous 80-kip loads. In addition, the CON/SPAN precast solution served the railroad’s desire for quick installation, a site-specific design and minimal disturbance to traffic.

The precast erection time for each stage was only five hours.

Technical Description:

  • Span: 16 ft
  • Rise: 9 ft
  • Length: 60 ft

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