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The Fields Park Culvert Replacement

Broadview Heights, Ohio



City of Broadview Heights


City of Broadview Heights


Geotech Services


May 2018

The City of Broadview Heights had an old, large diameter culvert that was experiencing issues with invert erosion and the loss of backfill in one of their parks. The culvert ran under a roadway and part of a grassy area in a nearby athletic field. In order to replace the culvert, the city was looking for something that would be both cost-effective and durable but could also be quickly installed so that practices on the athletic fields would not be delayed as soccer games were starting soon.

Contech was contacted by several contractors originally to look at a reline of the existing structure. After looking at the site and the condition of the culvert, it was determined by the City Engineer that replacement would make the most sense. Contech presented several options including various coated HEL-COR® CMP options as well as DuroMaxx® steel reinforced polyethylene (SRPE) pipe to the City Engineer. The engineer ultimately selected DuroMaxx SRPE due to its durability, smoothness, and other qualities. The culvert replacement was not located in the most accessible site, but Contech offered a lightweight solution, DuroMaxx® SRPE, that would allow for smaller machinery for the project. Given the tight time constraints, the quick lead time for DuroMaxx was also advantageous.

Contech provided several forms of service on this project. Initially, the local representative went out and completed a site visit to better assess the existing culvert and its condition. After looking at the culvert, Contech discussed different approaches and solutions available with the contractors and city engineer. Lastly, after the delivery of the pipe, several site visits occurred during construction to review the installation practices and check in on progress.

Installation was with 14’ sections of pipe due to the size of the pipe and amount of cover over it. The DuroMaxx SRPE was laid from the outlet to connect to a section of existing culvert. Once lined up to the existing culvert, a concrete section was poured. The DuroMaxx was successfully installed as a replacement in the park and able to be connected to the existing culvert. Post installation walkthroughs and photos show a brand-new culvert successfully conveying the stream under the fields and redone roadway.

Technical Description:

  • Product: DuroMaxx® SRPE
  • Diameter: 84-in. with HP Joints
  • Length: 112 LF

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