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San Antonio, Texas

Stormwater Detention


MBC Engineers


Cortes Contracting


July-Oct 2003

The site for the construction of a new Target on the south side of San Antonio was a challenging one. The developer wanted to maximize the amount of usable land without the eyesore of an aboveground detention pond. Contech Construction Product Inc.’s underground detention system was the answer to alleviate both concerns.

MBC Engineers specified the underground detention system using 96” diameter Aluminized Type 2 Steel CMP and Aluminized Type 2 Steel ULTRA FLO for the additional storm sewer system. Using the Aluminized Type 2 Steel, the engineer was able to provide the owner with the extended service life they wanted, while meeting the minimum 50-year service life required by the City of San Antonio.

Technical Description:

  • Aluminized Steel Type 2 ULTRA FLO
  • 96” – 1,400 LF (5”x1”)
  • 48” – 935 LF
  • 42” – 50 LF
  • 24” – 830 LF
  • 18” – 181 LF

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