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Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility

Fort Carson, Colorado



Fort Carson




Pioneer Sand Company


February 2010

With the construction of the 18,000 square foot Unit Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility (TEMF) at the Fort Carson Army Base, a storm drain product was needed to remove sheet flow from between and around the six maintenance buildings.

Slotted Drain pipe from Contech was chosen for the solution because it is versatile, cost-effective and can efficiently remove surface water on streets, highways and parking lots. For the Fort Carson site, Slotted Drain provided a practical, aesthetically pleasing inlet and removed the sheet flow without complex multiple grades or water channeling devices.

The Slotted Drain pipe was fabricated from Contech Corrugated Steel Pipe. It was cut along a longitudinal axis and a straightsided grate with reinforcing spacer plates was welded in place to form a 1 3/4-in. -wide slot opening. This opening will collect the runoff on the Fort Carson site and convey sheetflow to a PVC and Steel Reinforced Polyethylene (SRPE) storm sewer line.

DuroMaxx SRPE pipe and A-2000 PVC pipe were utilized at the facility as a more cost effective solution to reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) as part of the storm sewer infrastructure and culvert applications. Additionally, galvanized steel flared end sections were used for end treatment for day-lighted culverts.

Pioneer Sand Company installed 4,250 LF of 12-36 in diameter Slotted Drain, 2,560 LF of DuroMaxx, and 2,767 LF of A-2000. Construction of the TEMF began in September 2009, and was completed in July 2010.

Technical Description:

  • Slotted Drain 4,250 LF, 12-36-in. dia
  • DuroMaxx® 2,560 LF
  • A-2000TM 2,767 LF

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