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Tacoma Community College

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Tacoma Community College


Sargent Engineers Inc


GenCon Pacific, Inc.


August 2006

A 2,500-ft. long fire lane and pedestrian path became one of the Tacoma Community College’s major construction projects over the summer. The pathway, now dubbed “College Lane,” stretches from one end of the campus to another.

A BEBO® T-Series bridge became part of this effort to carry the trail over a roadway. The structure’s purpose was to accommodate student foot traffic, but also needed to have load carrying capacity to allow emergency vehicles to access campus buildings should the need arise.

“This shape and character was selected by the college as the most desirable for the bridge,” said Monte Smith, Principal for Sargent Engineers. “It blended with a new Japanese garden that was to be built next to this bridge. This was also compared with a three-sided box culvert, girder bridges and truss bridges.”

The 56-ft. span arch has a granite façade and unique light pilasters. The geometry of the BEBO T-Series met the site requirements for TCC, and the bridge was designed using transverse post-tensioning.

Contech Stormwater Solutions also supplied a CMP detention system for the site.

Technical Description:

  • Span: 56-ft.
  • Rise: 7.17-ft.
  • Length: 16.67-ft.

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