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Surfers Point

Ventura, California

Stormwater Treatment


Surfers Point


RRM Design Group


Tierra Contracting, Inc. /C.A. Rasmussen, Inc.


April 2011

Technical Description:

  • The Stormwater Management StormFilter ®
  • 8' x 24' vault with 60 cartridges

Beach erosion, degraded water quality, and flooding issues have long been a problem at Surfers’ Point, Ventura County’s most popular surf break. Coastal development, runoff from urban and agricultural areas, and unsustainable water management practices has all contributed to the problem.

This project involved the creation of a “managed shoreline retreat,” the intent of which was to reestablish the natural erosion buffer zone by restoring the beach and dune environment. A new parking lot was designed to improve water quality through the use of Low Impact Development features that would capture and filter stormwater runoff, as well as correct flooding issues.

In order to provide the highest possible level of treatment of runoff, the City of Ventura, along with consulting engineer RRM Design Group, chose to utilize the Contech Stormwater Management StormFilter® system. The StormFilter is designed to remove trash, sediment, oil, nutrients and heavy metals from stormwater runoff at flow rates up to two cubic feet (900 gallons) per second. It will primarily treat stormwater that will be pumped from the nearby fairgrounds, but will also receive overflow from the infiltration filter trenches that collect runoff from the new parking lot.

“It was critical to the success of the project that treatment of the stormwater satisfy the strict requirements of both the California Coastal Commission and the Regional Water Quality Control Board,” recalls Jerry Michael, Principal, RRM Design Group, who provided civil engineering services for the project. “The Contech Stormfilter provided the best solution to meet all of the agencies concerns, and was easy to install.”

Both the City of Ventura and RRM Design Group have years of experience working with Contech’s StormFilter product. Aside from the quality of treatment provided, the StormFilter also offers quick installation; in this case, the StormFilter was installed in less than an hour from offload.

Technical Description:

  • The Stormwater Management StormFilter ®
  • 8' x 24' vault with 60 cartridges

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