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Sunshine Road Emergency Repair

Fort Benning, Georgia



Fort Benning Directorate of Public Works


Fort Benning Directorate of Public Works


Circle S Industries


Spring 2009

At Fort Benning, Georgia, severe rains and flooding washed out several roadways. Sunshine Road was in need of an emergency repair and the Fort Benning Directorate of Public Works (DPW) searched for a culvert solution that could accomodate the swampy area and 28 feet of cover.

DuroMaxx steel reinforced polyethylene (SRPE) pipe and reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) were the only two options that could accomodate the site requirements and DuroMaxx was chosen over RCP due to installation cost and time savings.

Circle S Industries - the contractor on the project - could only work during certain hours on certain days of the week as there were periodic live fire exercises that closed the roadway, making a fast installation crucial. The DuroMaxx pipe was precut at the plant and arrived on site ready for a speedy installation.

A triple barreled 48-in. diameter DuroMaxx system - each 100 feet in length - was installed on the site. Crushed stone was used to the spring-line due to the poor subgrade and the pipe was buried under 30 feet of cover. Most of the material on base was sand or sandy clay and jumping jack tampers were utilized to pack the clay.

DuroMaxx in 24-in. and 36-in. diameters was also used on storm drain applications in several additional Fort Benning locations where native soil was used for bedding and backfill.

Technical Description:

  • DuroMaxx® Triple barrel 300 ft of 48-in. diameter

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