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Sunshine Road Culvert Reline

Fort Benning, Georgia



Fort Benning


Fort Benning Engineer


Robinson Paving Company


July 2018

Technical Description:

  • Product: ULTRA FLO®, 14 GA, ALT2
  • Diameter: 60-inch
  • Length: 124 LF

Running beneath Sunshine Road in Fort Benning, Georgia, a culvert was inspected by engineers at Fort Benning and found to be severely eroded and in need of replacement or repair. The invert of the existing pipe had deteriorated to a point that was concerning. With some extreme grades on either side of the culvert, they also wanted to extend the existing culvert to help stabilize the slope and correct the erosion that had occurred there as well.

In addition to these considerations, Fort Benning wanted a solution that would allow the road above to remain open. They determined that a reline of the host pipe would be the most viable option. The last section of the outlet pipe also appeared to have been installed later than the original installation and had sheered from the original horizontal plain of the existing culvert, requiring a wider band at that section during the reline. Fort Benning selected Robinson Paving Company, a local contractor, to assist with the repair.

After a review of different options for reline, Robinson Paving decided that a reline with ULTRA FLO® spiral rib corrugated steel pipe, manufactured by Contech Engineered Solutions, would be the best solution. The ULTRA FLO liner pipe, coated with Aluminized Type II (ALT2), offered a service life of 75+ years. The smooth interior of the pipe provided a Manning’s “n” value of 0.012 that would allow the same hydraulic capacity as the existing corrugated riveted pipe with a slightly smaller diameter. The reline took place over a three-day period and included both the reline of the host pipe as well as the grouting and setting process, offering a fully structural solution that would extend the life of the culvert without any closure to the road above.

Technical Description:

  • Product: ULTRA FLO®, 14 GA, ALT2
  • Diameter: 60-inch
  • Length: 124 LF

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