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Staunton Lime Expansion Tunnel

Staunton, Virginia



Rockydale Quarries Corporation


CBC Engineers


Silverbridge, Inc.


October 2010

Technical Description:

  • Dia: 120 in 42 in
  • Length: 90 ft 95 ft
  • Product: MULTI-PLATE® and HEL-COR®

Rockydale Quarries Corporation has served construction, agricultural and residential needs in the Staunton area for 70 years. They offer a full fleet of trucks for delivery of a wide variety of aggregates, concrete and agricultural lime and topsoil. Over the years, they have produced over 50 million tons of aggregate.

When Rockydale Quarries needed to expand the Staunton Lime plant to allow for additional production capacity and to facilitate the removal of an existing structure located on quarry reserves, they turned to Contech for assistance.

“We worked with Contech to design and build a surge tunnel for the Staunton Lime Quarry expansion,” stated Mark Witt, Engineer with Rockydale Quarries Corporation.

Contech offered a full service package including design and materials while providing recommendations for erection and assembly and coordination with Silverbridge, Inc., an experienced plate assembly/erection firm. The expansion included provision for another tunnel underneath a new aggregate surge pile. The new tunnel will be used to reclaim material from a surge pile to feed the plant expansion.

In order to meet these needs, a 5 gage, 10-ft. diameter round MULTI-PLATE® structure was installed to accommodate a hopper/crab box feeder at the crown of the structure, allowing for it to accept stone and direct it onto a conveyor system. Also installed was one 5 gage reinforced bulkhead, one reinforced hopper opening with hopper stiffener steel channels and pre-drilled hardware, and a 42-in. diameter HEL-COR® Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP) escape tunnel, enabling it to withstand the load of a 58.5-ft. tall aggregate surcharge. The reinforced hopper opening was designed to carry 12,000 pounds from the loaded feeder, hopper and crabbox.

The installation was completed in just five days.

“Contech’s personnel were readily available throughout the process to answer questions and provide support,” added Mark Witt. “The final product met our needs and was provided on schedule.”

Technical Description:

  • Dia: 120 in 42 in
  • Length: 90 ft 95 ft
  • Product: MULTI-PLATE® and HEL-COR®

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