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State Route 414 Toll Plaza Bridge

Apopka, Florida

Toll Road


Orlando Orange County Expressway Authority


C.T. Hsu & Associates


Southland Construction, Inc.


May 2009

When State Route 414 was extended, a toll plaza needed to be added quickly and efficiently in order to generate revenue. In addition, a structure was needed to span the highway and allow the toll collectors a safe passageway from one collection area to another without impacting highway traffic.

Southland Construction, Inc., the contractor on the project, chose Contech to provide four 8’ x 76’ and one 8’ x 29’ Gateway style Continental truss structures.

The bridge itself was supported with concrete columns at midspan and a concrete building at one end called the Tower. The opposite end is cantilevered and is not connected to the building. All of the steel bridge sectional splices were located between the columns and two cranes were required for erection. The first crane held a section in position while the second crane hoisted the next section to be attached.

Southland Construction chose Contech due to their cost competitiveness and reliable quality.

“Hardworking and knowledgeable Contech personnel were a big help in both the cost estimating and execution phases of this project,” stated Ben White, Chief Estimator at Southland Construction, Inc.

Technical Description:

  • Width: 8-ft. (4), 8-ft. (1)
  • Span: 76-ft. (4), 29-ft. (1)
  • Style: Gateway ®
  • Finish: Painted Steel
  • Decking: Concrete

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