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SR 126 Culvert Replacement

Hamilton County, Ohio



Ohio Department of Transportation


Palmer Engineering


Sunesis Construction


August 2006

Technical Description:

  • Span: 30-ft.
  • Rise: 11-ft.
  • Length: 325-ft.

Sycamore Creek flows underneath SR-126, a heavily traveled route in Hamilton County. The cast-in-place twin box culverts under SR-126, installed in the 1930s, had been deteriorating at a rapid rate. Palmer Engineering developed several structure proposals, and ODOT selected the BEBO® C-Series twin-leaf arch as the most efficient solution.

“There were multiple challenges to meet on this project” said Bronson Funke, Palmer Engineering project manager. “I wanted to provide alternatives that would allow the contractor to decide which product was best for his construction approach in an effort to reduce project costs, shorten the construction duration, and result in the best finished product”

Site challenges included a large skew under high fill, limited access for construction equipment, potentially unstable slopes and dewatering during construction. Crews had to work around power lines and the threat of flash flood conditions. ODOT also had to minimize the closure to SR-126 due to heavy traffic flow.

Two cranes were brought in to lift and lower the twin-leaf precast arch pieces into place. Power lines on the north side of the road could only be shut down for a few hours a day. This required the cranes to work in assembly-line fashion. Sunesis worked diligently for five days to lift each half unit off of the trucks, orchestrate the cranes, align the units and make the attachment at the crown joints.


Technical Description:

  • Span: 30-ft.
  • Rise: 11-ft.
  • Length: 325-ft.

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