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South Kihei Road

Maui, Hawaii

Stream and Wetland Crossing


Maui County


Otomo Engineering


Hawaiian Dredging & Construction


August 17, 2001

Walker Industries in Kahului, Hawaii, installed this impressive 13-cell CON/SPAN® as part of Maui County’s widening project of this main thoroughfare. The completed structure spans 70 feet across the road in this wetland area near St. Therea’s Church, shown here in the background.

The water table, standing at only two feet below road level, was challenging for construction crews. Forty foot-long sheet pilings were driven into the ground on the seaward side of the project to form a cofferdam, temporarily keeping water out of the construction area.


Technical Description:

  • Span: 16 ft (13 cells)
  • Rise: 5 ft
  • Length: 70 ft

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