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Smith Road Mini Storage

Ferndale, Washington

Stormwater Management


Weden Engineering


October 2020

Technical Description:

  • (2) Filterra Peak Diversion Bioretention Systems
  • ChamberMaxx Stormwater Chamber System

A new mini storage facility in Ferndale, Washington, needed a stormwater management system with quantity and quality controls.

Local and state regulations require runoff reduction measures to be implemented and that runoff be treated for sediment and heavy metals (zinc & copper).

Designing a stormwater management system for the site was complex due to the city's storm sewer system's flat and shallow flow lines and high groundwater. Engineers at Weden Engineering looked to Contech to help them with the design.

The engineers specified two Peak Diversion Filterra bioretention systems to meet the treatment requirements. Filterra allowed the engineer to adjust the inlet pipe elevations to work within the site constraints. Other gravity flow treatment systems would have required the site to be raised using imported fill.

The engineers specified the low-profile ChamberMaxx chamber system for quantity control, allowing them to design the retention system within the site profile. Contech engineers provided complete design and sizing support for the ChamberMaxx and Filterra systems.

"This project was very challenging, a small site with no elevation drop, no infiltration, and almost entirely impervious," said Marjorie Bills, an engineer at Weden Engineering. "ChamberMaxx and Filterra products saved the day, but equally or more valuable was the assistance from the professionals at Contech. Throughout the entire design, review, and construction process, Contech readily offered technical and moral support. Their help was absolutely invaluable."

The winter of 2021 in Whatcom County saw massive flooding with storm events beyond 100-year thresholds. The owner reported that the site remained dry, a testament to the quality design and the reliability of the Filterra system.

Technical Description:

  • (2) Filterra Peak Diversion Bioretention Systems
  • ChamberMaxx Stormwater Chamber System

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