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Sherrod Farms

Oneonta, Alabama

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June 2008

Sherrod Farms is an 800-acre Angus cattle operation located 35 miles northeast of Birmingham, Alabama. The farm is home to a herd of cows bred through extensive use of embryo transfer in order to produce a quality breed in mass. Cows, bulls, as well as zebras roam the property.

When the farm purchased a nearby piece of property, it was necessary to find a safe and reliable way to cross the Little Warrior River to access the new tract of land. Sherrod met with Contech Engineered Solutions who then recommended a vehicular bridge to span the waterway. With aesthetics being a consideration as well, the owner chose a Capstone® style truss.

“By the time we prepared the site and installed the footings, the Contech structure was ready for delivery,” said Blake Sherrod, owner of Sherrod Farms. “The bridge installation went quickly. The structure was unloaded from the truck, bolted together and placed on the abutments by a crane. The installation process took only three hours from start to finish.”

The site for the new bridge is at the end of an old farm road where it provides direct access to the adjoining property, which is used primarily for lumber storage. Before installation of the bridge, the area was only accessible through a separate entrance on the opposite end of the cattle farm. The bridge now provides safe and reliable vehicular access between the two tracts of land, saving the farm operation time and money.

Technical Description:

  • Width: 41, 48, & 48 - ft.
  • Span: 53, 84 & 102 - ft.
  • Style: Steel Stringer Capstone®
  • Finish: Weathering Steel
  • Decking: Concrete

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