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Seven Rivers Pipeline

Carlsbad, New Mexico



New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission




Sterling Brothers Construction


Spring 2008

The Seven Rivers Pipeline project in Carlsbad, New Mexico, is designed to deliver approximately 20,000 gallons of water per minute from 13 wells to Brantley Reservoir. The completed project, with an estimated total cost of $12 million, will provide adequate capacity to augment the surface flows of the Pecos River by at least 15,750 acre-feet per year as required under the Pecos Settlement.

According to the New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission, this 10 mile long pipeline was in need of a hydraulically smooth pipe with long term strength properties and water tight joints for irrigation.

A-2000 was used to Value Engineer down most of the diameters chosen for HDPE pipe, due to its superior hydraulics and Manning’s “n” factor. A-2000 was also the preferred product due to its superior joints, stiff pipe properties, sanitary sewer and water tight capabilities and its ability to pass an air test without concern.

A-2000 proved a successful solution for the project and the Seven Rivers Pipeline was completed in June of 2008.

Technical Description:

  • Products Used:
  • A-2000 PVC Pipe
  • 6,000 LF of 12-in.
  • 13,500 LF of 24-in.
  • 9,000 LF of 15-in.
  • 2,800 LF of 30-in.
  • 6,000 LF of 18-in.
  • 9,600 LF of 36-in.
  • 12,600 LF of 21-in.

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