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SEPTA Structure Rehabilitation

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania





Burns Engineering



Several years ago, the federal government issued a policy requiring all railroad bridges to be load-rated. The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) evaluated all their structures and found that six of the stone arch bridges were too old to accurately rate.

After exploring options, SEPTA consulted with Contech Engineered Solutions for support, because of their past and positive experience using Contech’s 2-Flange Tunnel Liner Plate for similar structures.

After preliminary design, cost and construction evaluations, SEPTA chose to specify 2-flange galvanized steel, Tunnel Liner Plate. Various radii, gages and lengths were utilized depending on the size of each of the six structures. In addition to being the most cost effective solution, the product was selected because the installation of the liner plate would not interrupt track operations.

During the design phase, Contech supported SEPTA’s design consultant, Burns Engineering with preliminary sizing, product details and specifications, needed for the preparation of bid documents.

During the construction phase, the Tunnel Liner Plate was delivered to the jobsite, unassembled. The plates (18” long rings) were set on cast-in-place support (knee) abutment walls and bolted together down the length of each tunnel. The process, including post installation grouting, took approximately two weeks per structure. 

Joe DeVito, Project Engineer for IEW Construction, Trenton, NJ, offered the following assessment of the project: “The projects went well and the customer was satisfied with the results. Contech provided the design support needed for final approvals and the field support during installation. These were key factors in the success of the project. We have used Contech’s products on other projects and will consider them on future projects.”

Technical Description:

  • Galvanized Steel Tunnel Liner Plate
  • Length: 400 LF total barrel length for 6 structures. Shortest 24’; Longest 120’

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