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Seep Ridge Road “Energy Highway” Culverts

Uintah County, Utah

Stormwater Drainage


Uintah Transportation Special Service District (UTSSD)


Civco Engineering Inc.


Harward & Rees


Sept. and Nov. 2012

Considered by many to be an “Energy Highway” since it improves access to the natural gas extraction fields in southern Uintah County, Seep Ridge Road is a 44.5 mile, two-lane paved highway. Beginning in 2011, the road went from a graveled, winding stretch to a wider, straightened paved highway. Truck traffic is common in this area of the Book Cliffs in eastern Utah.

As part of the construstion and upgrades to this road project, the county’s Uintah Transportation Special Service District (UTSSD) included culvert installation into the design to allow for stormwater drainage from the road and passage of water flow through the washes.

The UTSSD ordered a total of six (6) Contech MULTI-PLATE structures with beveled ends for installation at underpasses along the highway. These six locations were chosen strategically based on movement patterns of the local wildlife, and ability to reduce flooding during heavy rain events.

Three of these 22-foot-diameter, 130-feet-long tunnels were installed in September, and the other three in November.

Technical Description:

  • 6 MULTI-PLATE® tunnels,
  • 22’ diameter and 130’ length

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