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Rooms To Go Expansion

Denton, Texas

Storm Sewer


Rooms To Go


Cates-Clark & Associates


Fire Line Services, Inc.


November 2017

Established in 1991, Rooms to Go is one of the nation’s largest furniture stores. It recently expanded its foothold in Texas with a new store in Denton. The new store would be located just off Highway 35 on Panhandle Drive in the Rayzor Ranch Town Center. Due to this new construction and anticipated increased congestion in traffic, a storm sewer system was needed that could handle the additional runoff from impervious surfaces. An ULTRA FLO® storm sewer system, manufactured by Contech Engineered Solutions, was selected as the optimal solution.

ULTRA FLO Aluminized Type 2 (ALT2) corrugated steel pipe (CSP) is an approved storm drain product for both public and private right-of-way in the city of Denton. This storm sewer system is one of the most hydraulically efficient storm sewer systems because of the smooth interior surface, longer lengths and efficient prefabricated elbows and wyes.

ULTRA FLO allows engineers and owners to specify alternate products without having to perform more than one hydraulic design.

Technical Description:

  • Product: ULTRA FLO® ALT2 CSP, Bell & Spigot Joints
  • Diameter(s): 18-in. to 36-in.
  • Length: 1,850 LF

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