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Robinson Park Rec Bridge

Peoria, Illinois

Parks & Trails


Park District of Peoria


Otto Baum Company


October 01, 2005

For many years, the Peoria Park District has been acquiring adjacent land parcels on the Illinois River bluffs. Their goal has been to link the parcels together, allowing construction of a nine-mile hiking trail through the picturesque hill prairie bluff country. Bridging the 130’ gully in Robinson Park was the crucial connection in the first phase of the nine-mile trail. The Park District chose a Continental ® Connector ® style pedestrian truss bridge suitable for the application.

The prefabricated weathering steel bridge is 130’ long and 6’ wide and was delivered to the site in two pieces. The design incorporated durable Ipe hardwood decking. There were environmental impact concerns on the wooded site so access to the bridge site was limited to only a 20’ wide parcel of land. Otto Baum Company, Inc. handled the installation and provided the 175-ton crane that would lift the structure into position. After a very challenging trip through the gully, the Otto Baum team was able to position an excavator on the far side, opposite the crane. This excavator provided the last 15’ of lift needed to complete the installation.

“Once the contractor lifted the bridge with the crane, it took only 20 minutes to set” says Michael Friberg, Project Manager for the Peoria Park District. “We have had nothing but rave reviews from users of our new trail bridge”


Technical Description:

  • Width: 6-ft.
  • Span: 130-ft.
  • Style: Connector®
  • Finish: Weathering Steel
  • Decking: Ipe Hardwood

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