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Oxnard, California

Stormwater Treatment


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Technical Description:

  • (300+) StormFilters
  • (1) Vortechs hydrodynamic separator
  • (1) StormGate high-flow bypass structure

Riverpark is a community of 2,800 housing units and 2.5 million square feet of commercial space on 700 acres in Oxnard, California.  There is a mix of thirteen planning areas  within the community: residential neighborhoods, regional and neighborhood-serving retail centers, elementary and secondary schools, a fire station, numerous parks and play fields, and a maintenance yard for the City of Oxnard Public Works Department.

The site, near Pacific Coast Highway and the 101 Freeway, previously contained a failed 300-acre commercial project from the 1980s and abandoned gravel-mining pits.

The site is located directly over the Oxnard Plain Forebay groundwater basin, an area of rapidly draining soils that recharges the Oxnard Plain aquifer, primarily with water from the Santa Clara River.  Due to concerns about aquifer contamination, infiltration of runoff resulting from rainfall intensities of up to 0.2”/hr. was ruled out.  Instead, Contech’s StormFilter which was chosen as the treatment device based on its ability to remove nutrients, sediment, heavy metals and other pollutants of concern prior to discharge to the Santa Clara River.

StormFilter is a flow through stormwater treatment device comprised of one or more structures that house rechargeable, media-filled cartridges which trap particulates and adsorb pollutants. StormFilter’s performance is verified by the Washington State Department of Ecology and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.  StormFilter is approved for use with numerous local agencies; and the StormFilter is the only field-tested filter on the market per TARP and TAPE protocols.

This project was built out over 8 years. Contech provided over 300 StormFilters in a variety of configurations including catch basin and curb inlet. A Vortechs hydrodynamic separator and StormGate high-flow bypass structure were also used.

Due to the quantity of storm drain laterals, meeting the hydraulic and invert requirements required detailed design. Contech coordinated closely with all team members (civil engineers, contractors, owners) throughout the process. Detailed planning and communication allowed Contech to meet the engineering and delivery timelines which were critical due to the sheer number of partners involved.

As a condition of approval, monitoring was required at a typical StormFilter installation within the Riverpark development.  Testing was conducted during the 2008-2009 rainy season and performance for TSS, Total Copper, Total Zinc, Total Lead, Total Kjeldahl-N and Total Phosphorus met levels targeted in the project plan.  Based on these results Contech was released from future monitoring obligations.

Technical Description:

  • (300+) StormFilters
  • (1) Vortechs hydrodynamic separator
  • (1) StormGate high-flow bypass structure

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