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Ricoh Toner Bridge

Lawrenceville, Georgia

Stream Crossing




Hayes James Associates Inc. Bellamy Brothers



May 22, 1998

Contech designed a 24-foot wide, three-celled entrance bridge into the Ricoh Toner plant in Georgia. The CON/ SPAN® bridge connects two plants on either side of an existing man-made lake. Following design parameters set by the client, the CON/SPAN structure included one large center cell surrounded by two smaller spans. The span interior was finished with a cream paint coating.

Contech manufactured the arch units with dovetail inserts to enable field placement of architectural stone facing. In addition, the nosecones were cast in a rectangular shape with decorative concrete nosing centered on the 42-foot span. Flag pole openings were precast into the headwall to complete the aesthetic treatments of the structure. The structure included two-piece headwalls measuring 6 feet each, and these were sloped to match the roadway grade. The entire installation was completed in three days.


Technical Description:

  • Span: 42ft (1), 28ft (2)
  • Rise: 12 ft (1), 9ft (2)
  • Length: 24 ft

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