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Ontario, California

Stormwater Management


IDS Civil Engineers


S. D. Deacon


April, 2013

Technical Description:

  • CMP Infiltration
  • 838 LF of 96-in. dia ALT2 pipe
  • (2) CDS® hydrodynamic separators

A site at the northwest corner of Mountain Avenue and Fifth Street will soon become the new home of a Retail Center in Ontario, California. The new store will be located on 17 acres and will have over 175,000 SF of sales area and associated parking lot, landscaped islands and underground utilities. The retail center will return convenient retail shopping to the surrounding communities.

The engineering team at IDS Civil Engineers was tasked with meeting local Low Impact Development stormwater regulations, which includes keeping the first flush on-site and infiltrating when possible. Complicating matters were specific landscaping requirements from the City of Ontario that limited the amount of usable land space.

The soils on the site allowed for infiltration, so the engineers at IDS consulted with Contech to design an underground infiltration system using 838 LF of 96” diameter ALT2 perforated pipe providing 42,122 CF of storage. The pipe would collect stormwater and allow it to infiltrate into the ground and recharge the groundwater. CMP systems like this provide almost limitless opportunities to match individual site requirements while lowering site development costs.

Two Contech CDS® units were installed at the site. The CDS system uses a unique combination of continuous deflective screening, swirl concentration and gravity to remove sediment, trash, oil and grease from stormwater runoff. The first CDS unit was installed upstream of the infiltration system to remove pollutants and prevent clogging by keeping trash and debris out of the system. The second CDS unit is used to treat runoff beyond the first flush before it gets into the City storm drain system.

The entire system was installed in less than two weeks by S.D. Deacon and VCI Construction.

“The flexibility of the perforated CMP detention system allowed us to configure the 96” CMP’s to accommodate the existing utilities and site constraints” said Derek Karimoto with IDS.


Technical Description:

  • CMP Infiltration
  • 838 LF of 96-in. dia ALT2 pipe
  • (2) CDS® hydrodynamic separators

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