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Reclamation District 784 North Drainage Basin C

Olivehurst, California

Storm Sewer


Reclamation District 784


MHM Inc.


Nordic Industries Inc.


May 2010

Reclamation Disctrict (RD) 784 operates under the authority of the State of California’s Central Valley Flood Protection Board and the Department of Water Resources.

RD 784 needed a storm drain product for the North Drainage Basin C drainage improvement project at Yuba River.

The project was originally specified for reinforced concretepipe (RCP) but high density polyethylene pipe (HDPE) was also considered due to cost and installation advantages. Eagle Corr PE™ pipe was chosen for the project because it was approximately 30 times lighter than RCP, making it easier to load, transport, handle and install.

Corrugated HDPE pipe’s 20--ft. lay length vs. RCP pipe’s 8--ft. lay length translates into 60% fewer joints.

With a corrugated exterior for structural strength and smooth interior for maximum hydraulic efficiency, Eagle Corr PE satisfied the loading and hydraulic requirements for this project. Also, the heavy duty integral bell and dual gasket spigot provided for a superior corrugated HDPE watertight connection for the project. The watertight joints were designed to achieve 10.8 psi when tested in the laboratory in accordance with ASTM D3212. Therefore, the Eagle Corr PE either met or exceeded engineering requirements while providing significant savings per -ft. of installed pipe.

Nordic Industries Inc., the contractor on the project, was pleased with the quality of the Eagle Corr product, the service provided by Contech, how quickly the product was installed and the overall impact to the project’s bottom line.

Technical Description:

  • Eagle Corr PE™
  • 140-ft. of 42-in.
  • 700-in. of 30-in.
  • 2,920-in. of 24-in.diameter

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