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RaceTrac Travel Center

Davenport, Florida

Stormwater Detention


RaceTrac Petroleum, Inc.


Tannath Design, Inc.


ARC Development


Summer 2020

Technical Description:

  • 7,256’ of 75” Aluminized Steel Type 2
RaceTrac Petroleum, a leader in full-service refueling stations, has expanded their offering to include truck refueling facilities called Travel Centers.  The site located along US Highway 27 was selected to be the first of its kind in Florida.  This site offered ideal soils for underground stormwater management. 

The project engineer determined the stormwater system would require 286,256 cf of storage to meet the Southwest Florida Water Management District and Polk County requirements. The RaceTrac team and project engineer considered several solutions from other suppliers, including plastic chambers.  After comparing proposals, engineers found Contech’s perforated pipe solution to be the most efficient and cost-effective.  Contech’s variable diameter design strategy was a key advantage. This approach optimizes storage efficiency by offering over 100 pipe diameters in 1” increments, allowing engineers to design to the minimum cover threshold while minimizing the amount of inefficient, expensive stone. While some products require the structural support of stone backfill, using Contech’s corrugated metal pipe allows a range of lower cost structural fill options.  Stone is used only as needed to allow the stormwater to exit the pipe and percolate into the ground.”

The engineer specified a 75” perforated pipe backfilled with stone along the sides and between the barrels. No stone was used above or below the pipe. Contech’s unique design provides a smaller footprint and requires 35% less stone than plastic chambers.

Contech representatives held a pre-construction meeting with the site contractor to review delivery and installation schedules and discuss the installation process.  During construction, Contech representatives were onsite to ensure the system’s proper installation and support the contractor’s efforts.

Technical Description:

  • 7,256’ of 75” Aluminized Steel Type 2

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