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PSC Metals Culvert Reline

Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania



PSC Metals, LLC


GPD Group


Rudzik Excavating


March 2019

Technical Description:

  • Product: HEL-COR® ALT2 5x1
  • Diameter: 108-inch
  • Length: 883 LF

PSC Metals is a scrap metal recycling company with locations in the eastern United States. At their location in Beaver Falls, PA, a sink hole developed nearby an existing 144-inch diameter culvert. Given the culvert’s location next to the scrap metal industrial site, it was important that the repair or replacement be done quickly.

The project engineer, GPD Group, reached out to Contech for a solution. Contech presented several options and ultimately, they selected a 108-inch HEL-COR® 5x1 culvert to reline the existing culvert, addressing the failure, while limiting any road closures to the site. The engineer was confident in this proposal as they were well-versed in Contech’s reline experience.

The HEL-COR culvert was manufactured at a nearby Contech facility and delivered directly to the site. A grouting plan was developed, and Contech provided a preconstruction meeting to outline the installation details while also providing onsite assistance throughout the entire process.

The upstream end of the culvert was restricted, which required a longer placement length for the HEL-COR liner pipe, which – in turn – required a longer push distance. The contractor was able to overcome this slight difficulty by lining the 883 LF run with the HEL-COR liner pipe using internal expanding bands with gaskets to connect the 25’ pipe lengths. The manufacturer installed threaded grout plugs allowed the contractor to place the grout evenly around the structure in stages. The result was a fully restored, structural solution that would extend the life of the existing culvert for 75+ service years.

Technical Description:

  • Product: HEL-COR® ALT2 5x1
  • Diameter: 108-inch
  • Length: 883 LF

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