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Prairie Business Park - Phase I

Grimes, Iowa

Storm Drain


McAninch Corporation


April 2016

Prairie Business Park is a new forty-acre, professional business park at the crossroads of I-80/I-35 Interstate in Grimes, Iowa. The property was designed to accommodate large industrial users in need of larger warehouse, showroom, or distribution needs. The park is situated conveniently with excellent access to both regional and national hubs providing opportunity and growth to the nearby community.

In order to accommodate the delivery and fulfillment to the area, a rear load facility was included for ease of access to the building for transport vehicles and semis alike. The design of these bays not only allowed for a 20-25% increase in pallet capacity but would, by default, need a subsurface drainage system included in order to accommodate the increase in surface runoff as a result of the newly paved parking lot and streets above. Project Engineers, Kirkham- Michael, included in their design a subsurface drainage system to account for this increase in surface runoff.

As it intercepts up to 50% more runoff than most standard 2' x 2' grate inlets, Contech Slotted Drain™ was selected to handle the surface water for the paved area above. The simple design of Slotted Drain allows for easy installation and maintenance while ensuring the access ramps and docking bays would be free of ponding and slick conditions, providing a safer entrance and exit to the delivery trucks and other traffic through the business park.

McAninch Corporation received the Slotted Drain that was manufactured and delivered from the nearby Contech Plant in Shakopee, Minnesota. The standard 20' lightweight, sections made it easy to install quickly and efficiently. McAninch Corporation installed the two runs (490.3 LF each) of 14-gage ALT2 Slotted Drain in less than a week. The variable height Slotted Drain system was designed to include pavement designs for loading conditions and also included spiral rib ULTRA FLO®  to allow for increased hydraulic efficiency to handle the expected surface runoff.

Technical Description:

  • Product: Slotted Drain™ 14-gage, ALT2, ULTRA FLO
  • Diameter: 24-inch
  • Length: 980.6 LF Total (2 runs)

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