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Port Of Indiana

Chicago, Illinois

Shoreline Protection


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


January 2004

The Port of Indiana, located in Chicago, Illinois, serves as a frequent harbor for large freighter ships. Due to the high traffic of these vessels and frequent impact of their massive propellers, the sandy bottom of the harbor had begun to migrate.

In order to stabilize the harbor bottom, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers chose ArmorFlex Class 45S. These small closed-cell articulating concrete block (ACB) mats by Armortec provided an area of protection to deflect the propeller forces and also helped to reinforce the lining of the harbor. A high-strength woven-monofilament geotextile was pre- attached to the mats to prevent any further soil migration.

The underwater installation was accomplished by a small crew from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers who left behind a small memento of their work by painting the U.S. Army Corps symbol on one of the mats.

Technical Description:

  • Product: ArmorFlex® Class 45S
  • Area: 18,240 SF

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