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Philippi Harbor Oil/Water Separation System

Sarasota, Florida

Oil/Water Separation


Philippi Harbor Club


Dana Site Development



Technical Description:

VortClarex® model VCL40

The Challenge

Located on Philippi Creek in the heart of Sarasota, FL., the Philippi Harbor Club Boat ‘Rackominium’ boasts the latest concept in boat storage. Instead of a typical marina, an enclosed structure that adheres to strict fire and hurricane codes, stores boats inside. The boat racks are sold as a condominium would be – instead of buying a home for yourself, you are buying a home for your boat. In order to comply with strict regulations to keep Philippi Creek free of pollutants, stormwater runoff must be captured and treated effectively and efficiently.

The Solution

The site contains only the boat rackominium and a parking lot. Therefore, oil and grease from boats and automobiles were pollutants of concern. A fiberglass oil/water separator was originally specified, but it did not meet HS-20 loading requirements. Because of limited space on site, an aboveground unit was not feasible. Dana Site Development consulted with Contech and decided to install a VortClarex oil/water separation system.

The Result

Housed in a precast concrete vault, the underground system uses coalescing media to effectively remove oil, fuels and grease from water. Its patented polypropylene coalescing media removes droplets as small as 60 microns and is easy to clean. The system met the loading requirements, and with its small footprint, easily fit into the tight site.

Technical Description:

VortClarex® model VCL40


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