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Patriot Point

Ashburn, Virginia

Stormwater Treatment


Bohler Engineering Inc.


March 2016

Technical Description:

  • (8) Jellyfish® Filters
Based in Loudoun County, Virginia, Ashburn's Data Center Alley is the top data center market in North America. Just a stone's throw from Washington, DC, it forms an integral part of the Dulles Technology Corridor. 

A data center built in Ashburn in 2016 called for a stormwater system to capture and treat runoff from the building's roof and other impervious surfaces. The system also had to meet the VADEQ Total Phosphorous Reduction requirement as per the 2014 Stormwater Regulations. 

The Jellyfish Filter was selected to meet the stringent water quality regulations. The Jellyfish Filter is a stormwater quality treatment technology featuring high surface area, high flow rate membrane filtration, at low driving head. The Jellyfish Filter is an approved stormwater Best Management Practice with a removal rating of 50%, the highest rating a manufactured treatment device can achieve in Virginia. 

The superior flow rate and pollutant removal efficiency of the Jellyfish Filter resulted in 43% fewer cartridges than other cartridge-based filter systems.  Fewer cartridges allowed the engineer to use smaller structures on the tight site and minimize construction time and costs to the contractor. Also, fewer cartridges reduce the long term maintenance cost on the owner.

The low drop required across the Jellyfish Filters allowed the engineer to reduce overall excavation cost in D Soils (clay loam with high runoff potential) and a rock sub-base. The use of various sized vaults and curb inlet configurations allowed the engineer to squeeze in the appropriate filters at the site's optimum locations. 

Contech provided engineered water quality calculations, site-specific product details, and installation estimates to help the engineer better analyze the best long term solutions for the site while meeting the fast-paced project timeline of a data center facility. A Contech Field Consultant held pre-construction meetings with the contractor to review the delivery, site preparation, and ensure a smooth installation, thus reducing any site delays or additional charges. 

Technical Description:

  • (8) Jellyfish® Filters

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