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Parleys Canyon

Parleys Canyon, Utah

Pipe Reline


Utah Department of Transportation


Utah Department of Transportation


B.T. Gallegos Construction



The increasing rate of sanitary and storm sewer deterioration requires an e! cient and cost-e" ective rehabilitation solution. Contech A2 Liner Pipe uses proven trenchless installation methods to slipline existing sewer lines without the disruptions associated with open trenching.

On the Parley’s Canyon project, A2 Liner Pipe, a 46 psi PVC pipe with a smooth interior (Mannings “n” = .009) and # ush gasketed bells, was easily pushed through the existing culverts up to 400 feet long and then grouted into place. There was no disruption of traffic, and no excavation and repair of pavement. Because of A2 Liner Pipe’s smooth interior wall, there was no loss of hydraulic capacity.

Contech provides A2 Liner in 12-36 inch diameters and lengths of 10 and 20 feet. Custom lengths as short as 2.5 feet are available for installation within small insertion pits or manholes. Field installations demonstrate that workers can slipline with A2 Liner Pipe at a rate in excess of 200 feet per hour. And because it is lightweight, you can use smaller, less expensive equipment for handling and joining—yet another savings.

Technical Description:

  • Product used:
  • A2 Liner Pipe
  • 10,000 ft 12 in - 24 in diameter

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