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Park Road Drainage Improvements

Sevierville, Tennessee

Storm Drain


City of Sevierville


Sevierville Public Works


Sevierville Public Works


July 2009

Technical Description:

  • DuroMaxx® 60-ft. of 48-in. dia
  • Polymer Coated CMP 48 in dia, 45 deg bend

The City of Sevierville needed a drainage pipe product under Park Road, just past the entrance to the Vulcan Materials Quarry in Sevierville, Tennessee, to carry all the water from the quarry into the river. As the roadway is a main road within the city, a fast installation was necessary to reduce road closure time.

The product would also need to handle very high flow rates from the quarry. There will be a substantial amount of water flow – 24 million gallons of water per day – passing through at a rate of 47 CFS. By the time the water reaches the pipe, it is nearly drinking water and is the main water supply for the Cities of Sevierville, Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg.

DuroMaxx steel reinforced polyethylene pipe was a new product written into the city specification. With steel reinforced bell and spigots, DuroMaxx achieves watertight (WT) joint performance tested up to 15 psi that sets it apart from conventional pipe products.

“I chose DuroMaxx pipe because of the pressure it can handle, the durability and the joint stiffness,” said Bryan Fortner with the Director of Public Works.

DuroMaxx also provided a light weight option that was easy to handle and install, providing for a fast installation for the City. The City also utilized a 45 degree bend polymer coated corrugated metal pipe for the elbow. Although, with the high flow rates, a thrust block was not necessary.

The entire installation process took only one day. This was the first DuroMaxx installation in Tennessee and proved successful for the Park Road project.

Technical Description:

  • DuroMaxx® 60-ft. of 48-in. dia
  • Polymer Coated CMP 48 in dia, 45 deg bend

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