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Olive Green Road

Delaware County, Ohio

Culverts, Canals and Enclosures


Delaware County


Delaware County


Delaware County


Winter 2008

The existing twin pipes located under Olive Green Road in Delaware County, Ohio, were Galvanized CMP installed over 35 years ago. The pipes are now at the end of their service life, have minimum cover and were not providing enough conveyance. Overall, they were in desperate need of replacing.

The county bridge engineer selected the smoothness of .012 for the replacement pipes and considered reinforced concrete pipe (RCP), high density polyethylene (HDPE) and Type 2 Aluminized Coated ULTRA FLO for the drainage pipe options. Each of these pipes offered a smooth interior which would improve the hydraulics for the new stream crossing.

Of all three options, ULTRA FLO from Contech Construction Products Inc. was the chosen solution. ULTRA FLO was chosen because it was more cost effective than the alternatives. For HDPE, the county would have had to use lean concrete backfill around it to protect against deflection.

The County installed 120-ft. of 60-in. diameter ULTRA FLO in Winter of 2008. The new twin 60 inch diameter aluminized coated pipes will provide at least 2-6 times the life of the replaced galvanized pipe. The new culverts should provide for a minimum 75 year service life.

Technical Description:

  • Products Used:
  • Twin ULTRA FLO pipes - 120-ft. of 60-in. dia.

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