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North Street Bridge Replacement

Lima, Ohio



City of Lima


LJB, Inc.


Eagle Bridge


January 01, 2005

The North Street Bridge Replacement called for a triple 42-ft. span and a single 16-ft. span BEBO® arch structure to span a river and bicycle/pedestrian underpass. Conforming to Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) specifications and in order to address vehicular impact requirements, this design incorporated a multitude of cast-in-place, reinforced concrete counterforts and tie-beams behind precast panels and pilasters.

The precast collar on each exterior unit provides lateral resistance for precast wall panels and accentuates the continuous arch look. Red-stained brick and gray-stained limestone formliners finish the structure, a specification by the city to achieve a natural, architectural look.

Technical Description:

  • Span: 40-ft. 8.5-in. (3), 16-ft
  • Rise: 10-ft. 2-in. 7-ft. 10-in.
  • Length: 48-ft.

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