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North Eagle View

Greeley, Colorado

Channel Lining


City of Greeley Burnett Engineers Inc.


53 Corporation


May 2005

Prior to the development of this stabilization project, flood waters from high intensity rainfall events would flood the neighboring agricultural field, threatening neighboring residences and an aggregate mining area.

Installation of the ArmorFlex articulating concrete block (ACB) revetment system was completed with a hydraulic excavator and included placing mats inside a retaining wall channel, on several drop structures, in a low water vehicular crossing, and on an outfall slope. After installation, the hard armor system was backfilled with topsoil and seeded with a native seed mix.

The North Eagle View project incluced the installation of 25,380 SF of ArmorFlex ACB mats. The channel serves a dual purpose, as overflow from a small pond in a residential area and a nearby irrigation ditch are both channeled into the drainage.

This successful project has mitigated the damaging effects of overflow from the upstream pond and irrigation canal while enhancing the surrounding area through the incorporation of hard armor units that will eventually fully vegetate.

Technical Description:

  • Product: ArmorFlex® Class 60 ArmorFlex Class 50
  • Area: 25,380 sf

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