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Mullins Pond Dam Improvement

Evans, Georgia

Dam Overtopping


Columbia County Board of Commissioners


W.R. Toole


Blair Construction


April 2008

Mullins Pond in Evans, Georgia, was designed many years ago for agricultural use. The area then shifted from an agriculturally based community to a progressive and developing town and the boom of development resulted in increased run-off and impact that exceeded the capacity of the existing dam structure. In time, the Mullins Pond Dam was compromised by repeated overtopping and eventually became breached. With the area prone to floods, the Columbia County Board of Commissioners needed to increase the capacity and function of the pond.

Columbia County worked with W.R. Toole to design a solution. Two dams were utilized on the project - a major and minor dam. The minor dam created a fore-bay that allowed the engineers to achieve the required water quality goals of the state and the major dam was used to solve for the volume control. Both structures were designed to completely overtop which allowed for maximum storage but necessitated a very durable layer of protection.

Initially, cast-in-place, roller compacted concrete was considered for the project, but instead, it was decided that ArmorFlex articulating concrete block revetment systems would be utilized due to the installation time and cost savings provided. The ArmorFlex mats provided low maintenance solution dam overtopping for the project. Blair Construction installed 81,030 SF of Class 70T and 32,500 SF of Class 30S ArmorFlex. Geotextiles were installed on the bottom layer, followed by a stone drainage layer and then the ArmorFlex mats.

“The ArmorFlex product not only met but exceeded our expectations” said Chad Sweaney, P.E., Design Engineer with W.R. Toole. “It was a successful choice for our application needs”

“The installation went very smoothly” said William Mutimer, Vice President of Blair Construction. “The product enabled a fast installation which helped in overall cost savings. All parties involved were very pleased with the end result”


Technical Description:

  • Product: ArmorFlex® Class 70T
  • Area: 81,030 sf
  • Product: ArmorFlex Class 30S
  • Area: 32,500 sf

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