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Mountain House Creek

Tracy, California

Stream Crossing


Trimark Communities, LLC


Pacific Advanced Civil Engineering, Inc. (PACE)


Teichert Construction


December 8, 2004

Contech and Pacific Advanced Civil Engineering, Inc. (PACE) worked with Teichert Construction to propose CON/ SPAN® precast bridges for five vehicular crossings. The CON/SPAN® Bridge System was selected based on several factors – speed of construction, ease of maintenance, lack of special backfill requirements and lifespan. The local team from Contech worked with Teichert Construction to install the five bridges during a six-month construction period in 2004.

Precast was especially critical for installation of a three-cell structure (28’ x 7’ center; (2) 12’ x 5.82’ outer cells) bridging the creek. The product also needed to meet the local Community Services District durability standards. The five precast concrete bridges selected as part of the restoration plan not only met the unique construction challenges, but also complement the aesthetic of the development. Mountain House Creek demonstrates that function and beauty can both be created when engineering and project design are in partnership with nature.


Technical Description:

  • Span: 28 ft, 12 ft, 12 ft
  • Rise: 7 ft, 5.8 ft, 5.8 ft
  • Length: 323.58 ft

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