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Moon Street Drainage Improvements

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Storm Sewer


City of Albuquerque


Bohannan Huston Inc.


Salls Brothers Construction Inc.


June 2010

Technical Description:

  • DuroMaxx® 2,500-ft. of 96-in. dia
  • ElectroFusion EF joints

The Moon Street storm drain in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is used to transfer stormwater from the South East Mesa to the AMAFCA I-40 Flood Channel. The last 3,000-ft. was a surface drain, traversing the Los Altos Golf Course and dumping into the I-40 channel. The City of Albuquerque wanted to install 3,000- ft. of storm drain, eliminating the surface drain and making it a complete subsurface drain. The City wanted a storm sewer product that was a functional, cost efficient alternative to reinforced concrete pipe (RCP).

DuroMaxx Steel Reinforced Polyethylene (SRPE) from Contech was the chosen solution for the pipe because it was the only alternative that could provide the necessary strength and durability of RCP. With strong 80 ksi steel reinforcing ribs and pressure rated polyethylene resin providing the durability, it was the ideal combination for the City. The City also preferred a uniform system that consisted of both SRPE pipe and SRPE manholes - as opposed to reinforced concrete manholes.

“The easier handling and installation of the large diameter DuroMaxx storm drain pipe enabled us to increase productivity which translated directly to cost savings” said John White of Salls Brothers Construction Inc.

Contech designed a 96 x 48 tee manhole with an access ladder and the City accepted it as a standard specification for this project. All of the manholes combined weighed less than 1,000 lbs each and took less than 30 minutes to install. The light weight and fast installation resulted in tremendous installed cost savings over RCP.

“The installation was quite impressive in relation to the quality of materials, field applied jointing of the pipe and roundness of the pipe” said Jimmy D. Camp, P.E., NMDOT Division Director, Engineering Support Division Paving, Drainage, Bridge and Traffic.


Technical Description:

  • DuroMaxx® 2,500-ft. of 96-in. dia
  • ElectroFusion EF joints

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