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Melissa Road

Melissa, Texas

Stream Enclosure / Embankment Stabilization


Town of Melissa


RPS Espey - Dallas



The fast-growing, family-friendly Town of Melissa is located in northern Texas approximately 35 miles north of downtown Dallas. Established 150 years ago, the Town’s population is currently at 6,000. The Town of Melissa funded a capital improvement program 1/2 mile east of Central Expressway, US 75, in order to enhance the appearance of the town thereby attracting homebuyers and new business to the community.

A 24’ x 12’ BEBO® Concrete Arch System, 80’ in length, was selected as the best solution for its ability to clear span the significant flow in the creek beneath Melissa Road as well as its aesthetic appearance. In addition, 1,800 sqaure feet of Keystone® Retaining Wall, specifically the Century Wall series, was installed on the headwalls and wingwalls to further enhance the appearance of the stream crossing.

Once the creek passes through the BEBO, the creek takes a sharp 80 degree bend putting the embankment, as well as the channel bottom, in jeopardy of extreme scour. In order to avoid scour, 1,750 square feet of Armorloc® 3510 was installed in the channel bottom. Additionally, since the embankment is located perpendicular to the stream running through the BEBO structure, it takes the brunt force of the stream during every significant rain event. For this reason, three different products were installed to protect the bank from erosion. A single row of 24” A-Jacks® was installed at the toe of the embankment, 1,600 square yards of Pyramat® High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat was utilized on the lower level of the embankment and 1,800 square yards of Landlok® TRM 450 was installed on the mid to upper embankment.

Each product was carefully selected and analyzed for its ability to resist the scour forces as well as erosion control. All of the products have performed tremendously over the years with no scour of the embankment or the creek channel bottom.

Technical Description:

• 24’ x 12’ x 80’ BEBO® Arch System
• 1,800 sq. ft. Century Wall, Keystone® Retaining Wall
• 1,750 sq. ft. ArmorLoc® 3510
• 80 units of 24” A-Jacks®
• 1,600 sy Pyramat® Reinforcement Mat
• 1,800 sy Landlok® TRM 450

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