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Meadowbrook Village Mall

Rochester Hills, Michigan

Stormwater Detention


Robert B. Aikens Associates LLC


Giffels-Webster Engineers


John Carlo, Inc.


March 2002

When Robert B. Aikens & Associates decided to redevelop an existing commercial area in Rochester Hills, Michigan, stormwater storage was a major area of concern.

The new development would require the destruction of two existing stormwater storage ponds in order to use the maximum amount of land available. The civil engineer, Giffels-Webster, was challenged with providing stormwater storage for the site without the benefit of using above ground ponds. Giffels-Webster turned to the CON/SPAN® Bridge System for an economical, durable and versatile solution to their problem. They now have a system that will serve this site for many years into the future.

Technical Description:

  • Span: 24-ft.
  • Rise: 10-ft.
  • Length: 528-ft. (3 Cell)

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