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Meadow Run Dam

Bear Creek, Pennsylvania

Overtopping Protection


Meadow Run Dam Home Owner’s Association


Greenman-Pedersen Inc., Haley and Aldrich


Pikes Creek Site Contractors


October 2008

Meadow Run Dam was identified in 1980 as an inadequately sized structure incapable of holding or passing the newly incorporated design storm regulations in the state of Pennsylvania. To remedy the problem, about 160 members of the local home owner’s association obtained the funding themselves with the help of state Rep. Mike Carroll and backing from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

After several studies, Greenman-Pedersen Inc. (GPI) was hired to design embankment protection for this dam. GPI decided to use ArmorFlex articulating concrete block (ACB) systems for this project in lieu of Roller Compacted Concrete due to its effective, economical overtopping protection that could be easily installed and provide a green vegetated finish.

Challenges faced during this project included a very tight construction site that did not allow for staging of the ArmorFlex mats. This challenge was met with efficient communication between the job site superintendent and Contech’s operations project manager.

“We had never installed ACB’s before but the on-site assistance provided by Contech before and during the construction helped ensure that this job ran smoothly,” stated Tom Opeka, Superintendent with Pikes Creek Site Contractors.

In addition, if the dam was not repaired, then the runoff would have damaged another recently restored dam at Mountain Lake.

In September, a ribbon cutting ceremony and pig roast was held to celebrate the removal of the Meadow Run Dam from Pennsylvania’s high hazard dam list.

Technical Description:

  • Product: ArmorFlex® Class 50T
  • Area: 38,000 sf
  • Product: ArmorFlex Class 60
  • Area: 9,000 sf

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