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Manke Family Aggregate Mine

Shelton, Washington



Manke Family Resources, L.P.


June 01, 2005

The Manke Family owns timber land and a lumber company. They located a large gravel deposit on their land and decided to open a gravel mine on their property. During this expansion, a structure was needed to serve as a conveyor tunnel for loading purposes.

After Manke Family Resources, L.P. reviewed several types of structures, it was determined that a 9.5-ft. diameter MULTI-PLATE®, 400 linear feet in length, was the best solution. In addition to providing overall cost efficiency, Contech offered a full service package including design and materials while also providing recommendations for erection and assembly. The new tunnel will be used to reclaim material within this aggregate mine.

“We looked at several options to construct reclaim tunnels for our new sand and gravel plant,” stated Rob Kycek, Plant Manager of Manke Family Resources, L.P. “We found Contech’s MULTI-PLATE to be superior in strength and easy to assemble. Corrosion resistance was another factor in selecting Contech’s MULTI-PLATE tunnels.”

An 8 gage, 9-ft.-6-in. diameter round MULTI-PLATE structure was installed to accommodate a conveyor tunnel to move gravel from one side of the mine to the other.

The installation was completed in just 2 weeks.

“We found the Contech team to be very helpful assisting our engineers calculating loading and backfill requirements,” added Rob Kycek. “Once our tunnels were completed and in operation, we believed our decision to go with Contech was the right one.”

Technical Description:

  •  Diameter: 9.5 ft
  • Length: 400 ft
  • Product: MULTI-PLATE®

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