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Manahassett Creek Park

Long Branch, New Jersey

Stormwater Treatment


City of Long Branch


DW Smith Associates LLC


Underground Utilities Corp.


June 2016

Technical Description:

  • (2) Jellyfish® Filters

Manahassett Creek Park is a multi-use public park located in Long Branch, New Jersey. Based on its popularity, the park is expanding. The project consists of three phases that will include soccer fields, softball fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, a baseball field, and football field. The expansion will also include concession areas, picnic areas, and a whole new structure for the sports teams, storage, and restrooms.

Parking at the park was also expanded. This led to more impervious surfaces and the need for proper drainage and treatment of stomwater. Jellyfish Filters were selected as they provided the 80% TSS removal rate the design team specified.

Contech provided two 54”Jellyfish Filters in a manhole configuration, complete with inspection hatches. The hatches were designed to handle HS-20 loading. One Jellyfish was placed near the parking lots, and the other was placed near the baseball fields.  Both units were installed online and into the exiting stormwater infrastructure, so the Contech Stormwater Design Engineer that worked on the project sized the units so they could treat the flow from the existing inlet pipes.

Construction lasted a few weeks, from the initial placement of the manhole, to the final activation of the Jellyfish cartridges by Contech field personnel.

After looking at all of the different options, Contech offered the most cost effective retrofit solution to the customer, allowing them to to stay within their budget, while providing the improved water quality they were looking for.

Technical Description:

  • (2) Jellyfish® Filters

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