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Maitland West Apartments

Maitland, Florida

Stormwater Detention


Maitland West Apartments


GAI Engineering




July 2016

Maitland West is a 38-acre development that will include 315 apartments, retail and office space, and a 120-room hotel. The project’s first phase will be the $52 million apartment development. The complex is located just 15 minutes from the Orlando Central Business District.

The site is located in a developed area that could not accommodate the development plans without providing for underground storage of stormwater. Engineers at GAI Engineering located the infiltration system beneath the parking lot to increase the usable land space. A small vertical storage space between the water table and finish grade necessitated a system that could support traffic loading with minimum cover. 

The stormwater infiltration system was made from 17,000 LF of 36" and 42" Diameter Aluminized Steel Type 2 provided by Contech. The Contech CMP detention system was selected because of its cost-effectiveness and the design and installation assistance provided by local Contech associates. 

Technical Description:

  • 17,000 LF of 36" and 42" Diameter Aluminized Steel Type 2

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