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LST Memorial Gangways

Evansville, Indiana



City of Evansville


Stanley Consultants Inc..


City of Evansville


September 2005

The City of Evansville selected Stanley Consultants, Inc., an engineering, environmental and construction services firm, for their LST Ship Memorial project located on the Ohio River. Stanley asked Contech to provide three prefabricated gangways with lengths of 24, 60’ and 150’ for the project. The gangways would permit access from land to a mooring barge for the LST 325. The gangway lengths were set by project criteria of providing access to the floating mooring barge without exceeding a 1 on 12 grade. Since the mooring barge could fluctuate in elevation by as much as 39 feet due to the rise and fall of the Ohio River, a total of 234 feet of Continental® gangway length was needed to satisfy the maximum grade criteria.

Rather than have 234 feet of gangway length, Stanley placed a ticket barge on a lower level landing and had two of the three gangways connect to it. This helped reduce the cost of one long gangway and provided access to the mooring barge from both an upper level and lower level landing. The gangway and ticket barge system resulted in a 60’ gangway extending from the upper level landing to the ticket barge and a 150’ gangway extending from the ticket barge to the mooring barge. A 24’ gangway was placed at right angles to the other two gangways and provided access to the ticket barge from the lower level landing. “The resulting system of articulating gangways was very unique and Contech Construction Products did a great job in working with us to resolve some tricky gangway support designs” says Scott Eshleman, Stanley Consultants, Inc., Senior Structural Engineer.


Technical Description:

  • Width: 8-ft.
  • Span: 24, 60 & 150-ft.
  • Style: Custom
  • Finish: Painted Steel
  • Decking: FRD w solid Plate Top

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