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Little Harbor Bridge

Tampa Bay, Florida

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Little Harbor Resort


Genesis Group


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June 15, 2006

Technical Description:

  • Span: 32 ft
  • Rise: 8ft
  • Length: 72 ft

To enhance the Little Harbor Resort at Bahia Beach, owners decided to make property enhancements that included a new welcome station and a signature entry bridge. These unique structures, along with the removal of overhead utility lines and exposed poles, allow guests to better enjoy the scenic beauty of the South Shore area as they approach the resort.

Little Harbor needed to replace the old bridge that provided sole access to the resort. The bridge crossed a tidal inlet in an area of protected mangroves. A CON/SPAN® precast arch was chosen to clear span the sensitive waterway and to avoid impact on the adjacent mangroves. Permanent sheeting was required to protect the structure from tidal scour. During foundation construction, the sheeting aided de-watering and served as a form for the cast-in-place pile caps.

Traffic and existing utilities needed to be maintained throughout construction of the new bridge. Since the limited width of the roadway did not allow room for two travel lanes, it necessitated a unique manner of phased construction. During the second phase, the new bridge was easily installed between the twin single lanes and the new welcome station was built on top of the structure.

Technical Description:

  • Span: 32 ft
  • Rise: 8ft
  • Length: 72 ft

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