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Litchfield Road

Litchfield Park, Arizona

Pedestrian Underpass


W.C. Scoutten Engineers & Planners


April 18, 2013

Technical Description:

• 28' x 10' x 150' CON/SPAN® B-Series® Bridge System
• 5' x 2' EXPRESS® Foundations

When a safe crossing for pedestrians was needed under Litchfield Road in Litchfield Park, Arizona, the City of Litchfield Park and the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) turned to Contech Engineered Solutions for help. 

As the best solution, a 28' span x 10' rise x 150' long CON/SPAN® B-Series® Bridge System was selected for its aesthetics and speed of construction. The system also included two precast headwalls and four precast wingwalls. To further expedite the installation, the CON/SPAN structure was placed on 5' wide x 2' thick precast EXPRESS® Foundations, which saved several weeks of construction time, helping minimize road closures.  

The $2.8 million project provided a safe crossing for pedestrians and bicyclists at a busy intersection heavy with vehicular and foot traffic. The underpass allowed for safe passage and improved connectivity between the businesses in downtown Litchfield Park and the nearby Wigwam Golf Resort. In addition to the pedestrian crossing, the project also included public art and improvements to the surrounding roadway, drainage systems, electrical lines, landscaping, sidewalks and ramps. 

The project experienced zero lost time accidents and implemented a value engineering proposal saving $128,000 and reducing the impact the project length from 300 to 56 days. In 2014, this project was the recipient of the Outstanding Project Award from the Arizona Chapter of the American Public Works Association.

"Contech was a great partner throughout the bidding, submittal, and final construction process," concluded Grant Larson with Hunter Contracting.

Technical Description:

• 28' x 10' x 150' CON/SPAN® B-Series® Bridge System
• 5' x 2' EXPRESS® Foundations

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