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Lawler Middle School Track Field

Frisco, Texas

Surface Runoff


Frisco ISD


RLK Engineers


Paragon Sports Constructors



Technical Description:

  • Product: Slotted Drain™ with 6-inch straight, premium heel grate
  • Diameter: 12-inch
  • Length: 1,200 LF

Lawler Middle School, which consists of grades 6-8, lives up to the high standard of Frisco Independent School District (ISD) located in Texas. Featuring a new design created for Frisco ISD’s middle school campuses, Lawler has a central core that includes the library and an open courtyard, with separate wings for each grade level. The campus includes spacious state-of-the-art facilities for fine arts, athletics and other areas. Constantly making improvements to the facilities in their district, the Frisco ISD in Texas slated Lawler Middle School for enhancements which included a new athletic track field.

Frisco ISD reached out to RLK Engineers to aid in the project design, keeping the overall experience for the student athletes in mind. RLK knew that sheet flow on a track can lead to injuries for athletes, and an efficient surface runoff solution was needed. Capture and rapid removal of sheet flow is critical to safety of the athletes on the field. Having worked on similar projects in the past for Frisco ISD, RLK often specified Contech Slotted Drain™, an efficient surface runoff solution manufactured by Contech Engineered Solutions.

Slotted Drain™ pipe removes sheet flow from the track without multiple grades or water channeling devices. The result is an aesthetically pleasing inlet that is safer and easier to install and maintain. The 1,200 LF of 12” dia. Slotted Drain™ with a 6-inch straight, premium heel grates was delivered to the track from Contech's nearby manufacturing facility and installed within one week.

Seth Kelly of RLK Engineers, remarked, “The reason RLK specifies Contech products is due to their reliability of performance. Slotted Drain is less likely to clog and more capable of withstanding any loading from above when compared to other trench drain systems. Although we specify it for tracks on schools, we consider it a very effective linear trench drain system for roadway applications as well, due to its longevity of performance and reliability of not clogging.”

Technical Description:

  • Product: Slotted Drain™ with 6-inch straight, premium heel grate
  • Diameter: 12-inch
  • Length: 1,200 LF

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