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Lakewood Lift Station Improvements

Saint Charles, Missouri, United States

Sanitary Sewer

The existing Lakewood Lift Station at Lakewood Park located in Saint Charles, Missouri is an emergency lift station that operates only during high flows. Even with the station operating, some area manholes were still experiencing overflows in times of exceedingly high flow. Public Water Supply District 2 determined that the best solution would be to construct a new collector station and an additional sanitary sewer overflow tank to take flow away from the under-lake sewer system where the existing lines were below capacity, alleviating the current overflow problems.

As part of the improvements for the Lakewood Lift Station, DuroMaxx® SRPE was chosen for the design of the in-line storage of sanitary sewerage required for the project. The project engineering design team at Hanson Professional Services had previously used DuroMaxx SRPE on a stormwater detention project in Springfield, Illinois and wanted to use it for this sanitary application. The DuroMaxx SRPE sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) system was designed as a 96-linear foot (LF) long, 72-inch diameter, single barrel inline tank.

Having had previous experience with DuroMaxx SRPE as a tank solution, the design team at Hanson knew it would be a good solution to capture sanitary effluent in this application as well.

Technical Description:

  • Product: DuroMaxx® SRPE
  • Diameter: 72-in. 
  • Length: 96 LF Storage: 2,605 CF

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